Lasagna Roll


5 sheets of Lasagna Pasta

2 cups of Pasta Sauce or Marinara Sauce

3 cups of shredded Mozzarella cheese

1 cup of fresh basil leaves chopped

For sprinkling the cheese at the top finally while serving use Parmesan cheese.

For Filling

1 onion chopped

1/2 cup canned corn or American corn

1/2cup chopped carrot

1/2 cup chopped french beans

salt as per taste

1/2 cup fresh cream

1 Tbsp Olive oil


In a pan boil the water then add Lasagna sheets and boil them. Once they are boiled strain the water and spread the sheets seperately so that they dont stick to each other.

Heat another pan and add oil  once the oil is hot add chopped onion until transulent then add corn, stir for two mints then chopped carrot until little tender and then add beans stir for another 5 mints also add salt and then add fresh cream and stir untill the mixture becomes tight.( that would be for approx. another 3 to 4 mints).IMG-20160227-WA0015

Preheat the oven for 20 mints at 190C. Take a Muffin tray grease the moulds and then add pasta Sauce of about 1/2 Tsp in each mould then sprinkle few strands of grated cheese approx of 1Tsp in each mould.  In a plate take one Lasagna sheet and spread Marinara Sauce (Pasta Sauce) and then add the vegetable mixture you made and then sprinkle grated cheese and finally add some basil leaves. Now roll the Lasagna sheet forming a cycliderical shape. Repeat the same for other sheets as well and then place them all in the Moulds. Add few more mixture from the top and sprinkle cheese as well.

Now the tray is ready to go in side the oven. Bake  it untill the cheese melts or for approx about 10 to 15mints. once baked take a plate spread the sauce at the bottom then the Lasgna above it  in the  plate and add 2 to 3 Tbsp of Pasta sauce on the top of each Lasgna and sprinkle the cheese on the top and serve it.

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