Lángos can also be called as deep fried bread. Its very famous street food of Hungary.  It’s just not for grown ups.. They also have toppings for kids.. 😀 like Nutella, Powdered sugar and cinnamon.. and can be had anytime of the day. I must say its very yummy and stomach filling as well.


300g of all purpose flour

7g  dry active yeast (2.47 Teaspoon active dry yeast )

250 ml water

½ teaspoon salt

Oil for frying

For toppings please see below


In a jar mix the salt and water well.  In another bowl mix the flour and yeast then add the salty water to it and mix it well forming a smooth dough ( if you feel dough is sticky then add little flour). Now cover the dough and it sit for about 30 to 40 mins (or until its has become double ).  Once the flour has risen divide the dough into equal portion and roll it round in a such a way that the centre is thin compared to the outer border.Use your finger to do it, that’s little easier 🙂  Repeat the same with the rest of the dough and let them sit for another 30 mins on floured surface. In the meanwhile you can prepare the toppings of your choice as mentioned below in this recipe.

After 30mins, heat the oil in a pan  and then fry the langos from both the side  into golden brown in color. ( If possible just flip twice and make sure that the oil is hot. Do not worry if you have white patches kind off in the centre, that’s normal.)

Serve it hot with the toppings you have prepared. If you have more dough you can always store it in the fridge and use it next day.

Different Toppings you can try…

1) with garlic or chili sauce.

2) with sauce of choice and grated cheese

3) with sour cream and grated cheese

4) with  sour cream,grated cheese and dill ( Dill is a herb)

5) with garlic water or any other sauce, fresh tomatoes cut into round and grated cheese.

6) with powdered sugar and cinnamon powder.

7) with plum or apple sauce.

8) with Nutella.

Application of Toppings

Normally the toppings are layered in Langos like Pizza…

For example the traditional topping of Langos is garlic water, sour cream & cheese. In that case first Garlic water is applied first ( make sure you just apply lightly to get the garlic flavour.. do not apply lot of water.) then spread the sour cream then add herbs if you like and then sprinkle cheese and on the top chilli flakes.

You can always choose the order of how you need to top the langos. There are chances of cheese melting if you put it directly on the langos base because of the heat. You just hav to spread the toppings evenly..


Garlic water is mixture of chopped garlic and water. Garlic water can be replaced by rubbing garlic on Langos or by using chopped garlic pieces.

If you like spicy use chilli flakes on the top.

sour cream can also be replaced by nicely whisked sour yogurt.


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