Crumbled Cheese Börek


For the Stuffing

1 cup crumbled Cottage cheese ( Paneer)

1/4 cup approx of very finely chopped red onions

2 green chilies, chopped finely (or as per taste)

2 cloves of garlic, finely minced (or as per taste)

1/2 cup fresh mozzarella, crumbled (or use grated mozzarella)

1/2 cup tomatoes, finely chopped

1 inch ginger grated

Few springs of coriander, chopped

salt to taste (Very little since wrapper also has salt)

Black Pepper


Chili Flakes ( Optional )

For the wrapper

There are various methods which you can use for Wrapper.

Lot of time on Hands then use below mentioned ingredients to make wrapper at home…

2 cups all purpose flour

1 tbsp ghee/oil (optional)

salt to taste

Water to knead (as required )

otherwise you can also use store bought spring roll/ Wanton wrapper or store bought Pizza dough ( to skip kneading part) 😉


To make Wrapper

Homemade: Mix all the ingredients mentioned  under the wrapper together in a bowl and then add enough water to make it into dough. Knead it until the dough is smooth.

To make Filling

  In a pan heat the 1 tsp oil, then add all the ingredients together except the cheese. Saute until soft( taste and Change the seasoning according to your taste). Once they are soft remove from heat and add fresh mozzarella along with coriander ( cilantro). Mix until well mixed.
Final Step

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Now take the dough and divide it into 2 to 3 pieces and roll one pieces  out into a large rectangle. Cut the bigger rolled rectangle into smaller rectangle enough for the fillings to be filled and closed. The thickness should be medium – not too thin nor too thick (too thin will break after u fill it up with stuffing, too thick will not make a crunchy snack, but will be more soft) Now take one rectangle and add the stuffing in shorter end of the rectangle making sure to leave few inches near the edges to close it. Roll it twice, bring the edges of the filling together (So that the filling doesn’t come out during frying), and then continue rolling until you reach the end. Use a water mixed with flour mixture to bind the dough. and apply flour water mixture at the end, and continue to roll it till the end.
Repeat the same with the rest of the dough. ( Roll to bigger rectangle –> then cut into smaller rectangles–> and then add the stuffing’s and roll it ). Now fry these up in hot oil until crisp and reddish brown.
Using Spring roll wrapper: 
Keep the wrapper at least on counter for 30 mins before starting to use them. Take a wrapper and place the  filling in the center and apply the paste ( I used mixture of water and all purpose flour to stick it) on all the side and roll them and stick the sides.. so that the filling doesn’t leak out. Repeat the same with rest of the wrapper and fry them in oil. Until light brown in color and serve them hot with Ketchup.

Everything is same just the Wrapper 🙂


Different Wrapper Same taste 😉

Using Pizza Dough:
Missed taking the photos will Post them soon..
You have to keep it out of the freezer to bring it to normal temperature and then dust the surface little with the flour and then roll the pizza dough little ( may be just once so that wrapper is not to thick nor too thin )  then cut them in big rectangle shape so that when you fill them with filling and close it its in cylindrical shape. Preheat the oven then place the filled rolls in the greased tray ( you can also place a baking sheet on the tray and then the rolls) and bake it 250 degree until light brown in color. Then using a pizza cutter cut them in the circles.

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