Kairi Paani

Kairi is nothing but a raw green mango , kaccha aam in hindi,mangakya in Tamil, mamidikaya in Telugu, mavinakayi in Kannad, asanskr̥ta māṅṅa in Malayalam etc. There are so many recipes right from soup to desert. Here I am with a cool refreshing drink. I know this is common recipe yet thought of posting hope you like my version. 


1 mango peeled

1 cup mint leaves (washed)

1Tsp roasted cumin powder

Black salt ( as per your taste)

Salt ( as per your taste)

Sugar or jaggery ( as per your taste)

Pepper ( as per your taste)

Boil peeled mango with water in pressure cooker (it take 2-3 whistles to get cook). In meanwhile boil about 1-2 cup of water in a pan. When water starts boiling add mint leaf and cover it with lid later switch off the flame. Let it rest for 1-2 minutes. After that transfer the leaf in cold water so that colour of the leaf remain same ( do not throw away boiled water). Once mango get cooked and comes to room temperature add mint leaves and with the help of blender just blend into thick or watery paste ( if you want water for grinding add any of the boiled water or you can grind in that water itself). Once done filter all the water and paste. Add salt,black salt,pepper,sugar mix it and you can store about a week. When serving add little bit of water adjust it according to your taste. You also can add jal jeera, soda and ice cubes. It really taste heaven. Its so refreshing especially in summer when your kids come back from school and wanted to have some cool drinks. 


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