Namkeen Sponge Cake (Makki kae khaman)

This recipe is originally from Gujarat. Normally its made from Besan ( Gram flour ) and few other variations.  I just wanted to make something yummy but yet healthy so thought of trying it with maize flour as I also wanted to use Maize flour.   Though I had to try using trial and error methods but then yes 😀 it finally came out well just the way I wanted Healthy, yummy and fluffy.


For Khaman

1 cup Makki atta (maize flour)

1 cup curd

1/2 cup water

1/2 tbsp oil in flour

1/4 tsp sugar

1/2 tbsp eno ( blue one)  or any other fruit salt (not flavoured one)

Salt as per your taste


2-3 Tbsp oil

1/4 tsp mustard seed (rai)

5-8 curry leaf

3-4 slit green chili

1/4 tsp cumin (jeera)


Making Khaman

Mix all the above ingredient mentioned under to make Khaman except oil and eno ( see that no lumps are formed). Later add oil and mix it well and keep it aside for 10-15 minutes. Meanwhile grease a tray and pour water in a pan or cooker in which ever you are going to cook ( I cooked it in kaḍai with a ring, even in cooker its cooked the same way as in Kadai/pan ) You can use the same techniques which I used to cooked Khichu or Khariya.  Add eno to the wet ingredients and give a nice twist so that eno get mixed properly. Now pour the wet mixture in the greased tray and place it in boiling water . Cover it and let it cook for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes insert tooth pick and check if it comes out clean then its ready to serve or else let stay for another 5 minutes.

Khaman Dhokla


Meanwhile in a pan add oil once oil get heat add mustard seed once it splutter add curry leaf and green chili and switch off the flame . Cut the cake as required shape now add tempering and serve it with Imli (Tamarind) chutney  or dry mango Powder chutney / ketchup /Green Chutney etc.,

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