Gram Flour Paratha | Besan Paratha


Gram Flour

Dry Mint Leaves ( Crushed)


Red chili Powder

pinch of turmeric Powder

Salt as per taste

Oil to make the paste of gram flour

oil to cook Paratha

Kneaded wheat flour dough.



Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl. ( I took about 4 Tbsp of Gram Flour and adjusted the rest of the spices as per my taste.) then add oil in the dry mixture. The consistency should not be two watery. Once the Paste of Gram Flour is ready take a little portion of already kneaded dough and roll it round just the way we roll it for chapati but little thicker than that. Now spread the paste on it with the help of spoon and roll it like pinwheel cookie dough. Once again roll it into round chapati/Paratha with the help of dry wheat flour.

Heat a flat pan and put the rolled out paratha on it and then once you see few light brown dots flip it to other side. This time the side facing the pan should be completely roasted. Now add the oil/clarified butter on the top and cook both the side. Serve it hot with curd, Raita, Pickle, Kaḍi, mint chutney, tamarind chutney, dry mango chutney.

Besan Ka Paratha final


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