Amla ka achar |Gooseberry Pickle

The other day I went to vegetable market just like any other day and found many fresh Amla ( Gooseberry)  and was thrilled, because they are my favorite ( and also seasonal 🙁 ).  They can be found in the markets only from October to April. When you see something you like after months you immediately feel the temptation and urge and no wonder I felt tempted to buy too and I bought them as well, but Only to realize that I bought a lot more( than I actually should have), once I reached home (could not resist myself ). Everyone of us mostly knows that it’s very rich in iron, vitamin A & C ( Indian Gooseberry is one of the highest source of Vitamin C ), fiber, potassium,magnesium, calcium and many more. There is a say that, one has to take one Amla a day ( from the place I come ), just like we say an apple a day is a must. Amla features widely in Ayurvedic textbooks. It has many nutrients factor and are also  good for eyes, skin, diabetes, heart and many more.

Anyways cut short,  after getting so many I was like how to consume it and then I remembered this instant pickle recipe. At my place we normally have it directly (without any chapati or rice) because the ginger in it, give a relishing flavor.


10-12 gooseberry (Amla)

10-12 chilies green slit

3 -4 Tbsp oil

1 Tbsp rai powder (mustard seed powder)

1/4 tsp turmeric powder


1 Tbsp dhaniya powder ( Coriander Powder )

1/4 Tbsp red chili powder ( can skip)

1 Tbsp grated ginger

Pinch hing (asafoetida)


Wash and boil gooseberries with very little amount of salt (off the flame when you hear 1 whistle if you are going to pressure cook it). Once boiled , strain and cool it to room temperature ( do not throw boiled water it’s very rich in nutrient. You can have it along with black salt ). Deseed the gooseberry (Amla). Amla must not be  very soft otherwise it will become messy, it has to be tender.

After deseeding it, heat the oil in a pan then add hing, green chilies and ginger. sauté it for a minute then add deseeded Amla, mix it well then add mustard powder followed by chili powder, turmeric, coriander powder and salt. Just stir for 2 minutes off the flame and cover it for 10 minutes. Transfer it into a glass bottle once it has comes down to room temperature. The pickle stays good for a week ( if you want to use it for a week or more you can add extra 2 Tbsp warm oil, trust me it stays good). You can have this delicious pickle with Jowar ki roti ( millet Indian bread), paratha, rice, plain Khakhra and yes, you can carry it while you are traveling too.

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