Neer dosa | Rice dosa 

Neer dosa is nothing but another version of Crepe. This one is made from Rice different from how the French crepe are made but the texture of the crepe is very close to each other. Neer Dosa is very famous in southern part of India, especially in Mangalore and Tulunad ( Tulu Nadu ). Meaning of the word ” Neer ” is “Water”, there are other versions of this dosa as well but basic ingredients in all are rice and salt. ha! Now don’t get confused, I will stick to only one version for now 😉  and I forgot, it needs NO FERMENTATION. Yay! Yay! This is how I felt when I first got to know about this recipe. 😀


For Batter

2 cup rice

Salt ( as per taste)

Water as required.

For Tempering(Optional)

1 onion chopped (optional)

2-3 green chilli chopped

1 Tbsp oil ( to temper)

1tsp mustard seed

5-6 curry leaf


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To Make the Batter

Wash and soak rice overnight, otherwise at least for 3-4 hours. Grind the rice into the  dosa batter consistency then finally add the salt. Empty it in a bowl or box

For Tempering

In traditional Neer Dosa, tempering is not added to dosa. I like spicy, so this is kind of my touch to Neer dosa.To prepare temper start by adding oil into a pan. Once the oil is heated add mustard followed by green chili and curry leaf. Switch off the flame. And then transfer the tempering to the batter and mix it properly.

To Make Dosa

Now take dosa pan and wait for it to get heated. Pour the batter on pan with the help of spoon or bowl and spread it in circular movement just like we do for dosa. Pour the required amount of oil or ghee on dosa and fold it and serve it hot with chutneys like Tomato Thokku / Coriander Tomato,  Coconut Chutney and also with Potato Curry or any other curry for that matter.


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