Barley soup

Here, I am again with another healthy soup recipe. After trying the soup with basic ingredients, I wanted to try soup with cereal grain, which would also be healthy so I decided to try my hands on with barley with on the counter ingredients. This is again one of the simplest soup anyone could try.


2 Tbsp barley powder

250 ml water

3 beans chopped

1/2 carrot chopped

1/4 cup cabbage chopped

Broccoli (optional I did not add)

Lime juice




Barley soup

In a pan add water then barley powder, whisk it properly until there are no lumps. Now place it on stove and keep stiring until one boil ( Otherwise ay get lumps) . Add salt and let it cook for 5 minutes. Now add all the veggies and let it boil at least for 5 minutes if you like veggies to be soft then cook for few more minute ( I like crispy so I switch off early). You can add any veggies of your choice. Top it with fresh crushed pepper , lime juice and serve hot.


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