Lemon Green Chili Pickle- Keto

Lemon is mostly used in garnishing because it goes very well with anything and enhances the flavor be it with water, desserts or candies. I usually make lemon pickle in the month of December and January. For this pickle, one need to select Lemon without any spots and it should be fully yellow and juicy. This pickle doesn’t have any oil or water so it stays for a year, yes heard it right for years. The older it gets, the more nutritious it turn and also it will turn black but don’t worry about it, you can still have that. It will taste like churan ( digestion candy ). I have one more lemon pickle recipe in my recipe book which also stays good for years together. To know more, Check out my next post :).

This pickle recipe has Lemon, green chili and ginger as basic ingredients. I cannot tell the amount/ measurement of spices to be added because I believe spices are meant to be added according to your taste. I like spicy so have added more green chili and pepper. And Yes, you can add red chili powder too ( paprika powder too) Sometimes I think it’s okay, to just go in your kitchen and play with flavors, texture and elements. You need to be patience to make a pickle because sometimes it may take more than a month also. Here in India we have it with chapati, rice, mathri, khichdi ( Rice Porridge), puri , Khakhra (cracker), dal dhokli , Ghaat Paratha Gram Flour Paratha | Besan Paratha, Jowar ka paratha, Ven (Namkeen) Pongal,  and many more. Those who are on keto diet can also have it, because it doesn’t have any oil or any other lentils etc.,


12 Lemon

2-3 Lemon juice

5-6 green chili pickle

1/2 inch ginger

1 Tbsp carom seed ( ajwain )

1 Tbsp cumin powder or whole ( jeera)

Crushed pepper

Black salt



Wash and dry the lemon, chili and ginger. Cut each lemon into four pieces. Slit chilli into two and then into four pieces. Then cut the ginger also into thin slices. Now in a dry glass container/jar mix all the ingredients ( salt, pepper,carom seeds, cumin powder ) and seal it tight and let it sit in sunlight for 20- 25 days it will turn brown in colour slowly . You need to shake the container at least once in a day. Adjust the salt and other spices according to your taste bud.

See to that the container is dry before mixing and no wet hand has to come in contact with it. You can refrigerate once ready or can store at room temperature also. If it is less juicy you can add more lemon juice and very little salt.


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