Rice Soup – a healthy version

Rice soup


1 carrot diced

1 medium capsicum diced

1/2 cup  cauliflower ( boiled )

10 to 12 beans chopped.

1 Tsp garlic powder ( can use fresh crushed garlic also)

1 Tbsp pepper ( adjust accordingly)

1 Tbsp oil

Water or vegetable stalk as required

3 Tbsp Rice

3 Tbsp coriander chopped

Salt as per taste


Wash and soak rice. In a pan add oil once it’s hot add carrot, saute it for a minute followed by capsicum and all other veggies. After 2 mins add garlic powder, pepper and mix it all well. Add water and let it boil. When water is to the peak add rice and cook until the rice becomes soft then add chopped coriander.Top up with sauces of your choice along with dash of lemon juice.


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