Almond saffron (Kesar badam ) milk – keto/low carbs

Kesar badam milk is the most healthiest drink for any age. For fussy kids like mine, I normally add almond pistachio powder so that they don’t realise and also their energy level boosts up. This is not the traditional recipe. This is quick fix recipe. I will soon post the typical traditional recipe of this.


50 ml coconut milk

1tsp chia seeds (soaked)

4 almonds chopped

4 pistachio chopped

Pinch of cardamom powder (optional)

1 leaf of saffron (kesar)

Ghee (optional)

Stevia ( optional )


Mix all the above in same order and enjoy. Or you can heat the milk and then add the remaining ingredients. It always feels good to start the morning with cup of almond milk.

You can always replace the coconut milk with any other milk of your own choice. I have used coconut milk because of my low carbs intake.


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