Mawa is also known as khoya and inspite being the secret ingredients in most of the North Indian saviour / sweets, it’s a sweet in itself. You can just have it once it’s ready and cooled down. Main ingredient of this recipe is milk. Milk is evaporated until only milk solids are left. Khoya is also used in handful of curry recipes to give richer taste.  Normally most of the people buy it from shops because it’s readily available and less time consuming but I would suggest to try it home as well because nothing can beat the taste of homemade ingredients, all you gotta do is stir occasionally while doing your other kitchen cores.


1 kg milk

Condensed milk / milkmaid ( sweetened)



Reduce milk to half. Once done add condense milk to it and keep stiring untill u get thick consistency (all milk has to be evaporated) make sure that it do not stick the pan. It is ready once it leaves the pan. Take a pan or baking tray and grease it with ghee/butter then spread parchment paper and pour the mawa and flatten it with spatula evenly. Finally let it sit for 3-4 hours on the counter. Cut and serve. You can spread silver paper on it.


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