Khasta Kachori

Khasta Kachori is crisp from out and is filled with lentil stuffing inside. It has different names like kachori, Kachoudi, fried dumplings. Kachori is very famous in northern part of India, mainly in Rajasthan. When I was making this kachori, it brought back the memories of our summer vacation during school holidays when we used to have kachori, mirchi bade ( Gram flour dumpling with stuffed chilli and covered with mashed potato), samosa for breakfast along with the lassi ( thick sweet yogurt ). It’s a very common break fast there. In Jodhpur, Pyaz ki kachori is very famous.

Khasta kachori can be stored in an air tight container for longer period when compared to normal ones because of the stuffing and by the method it’s prepared. Kachori has different kind of stuffing like mung dal, aaloo pyaz then comes only pyaz ki kachori. It’s normally served with sweet chutney ( tamarind/ amchoor chutney as we call it ), Green Chutney or ketchup.

Please check the video below for how to roll it and stuff in the masala in dough.

Khasta Kachori
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