Snow man

Winter has started and snow is all around in most of the places and my kids where asking me for Christmas goodies. So I thought why not try making eatable snowman. Here is my bit. We all love snowman and what’s more best way to make little one occupied during vacation. So we tried making snowman with very few and easy ingredients.


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  • Condensed milk 200g
  • Coconut powder 300g
  • Vanilla essence 2ml (optional)
  • Choco chips for making eyes and buttons


  • In plate mix all the above ingredients properly with both hands. See that condense milk is mixed properly with coconut flour. Now make small balls of three different size. Big, Bigger, biggest. Now place it in descending order big to small. And use Choco chips to make eyes and buttons. ( I have used cloves instead of choco chip, since there were no choco chip in my pantry. )

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