Rasam Powder

Rasam Powder is a mix of roasted raw spices which is then grinded coursely and then used to make rasam along with few other spices and lentil. Rasam is normally had with rice but few people like me also prefer to simply slurp like a soup specially on rainy days when you just want to sip something hot other than coffee. I know nothing can beat coffee but rasam is my go to if am already high on caffeine that day 😉 This rasam powder is normally used in tomato rasam. From many days we were thinking of posting this recipe as it’s making style is very authentic.

Rasam is very famous in southern part of India, there are many varieties of rasam like pepper rasam, curry leaves rasam, tomato rasam, tomato with lentil rasam etc., and each rasam has it’s own importance like normally pepper rasam is advised by elder’s of house to give whoever is having fever or cold. Pepper rasam has all the traditionally healing spices. Rasam is also prepared with garlic. It completely depends on how one likes it.

This recipe especially is very close to my heart, as it’s way into our blog is right from amma’s kitchen ( my husband’s mom, I call her like that ). Since we started the blog this recipe was on our to ask and to make list. And Finally we are ready to share the recipe on the blog. Many south Indians would be familiar with this but those who have not tried I would definitely recommend it. I have heard lot of people saying that they don’t like certain food, don’t worry even I am one of them but Someone told me that you need to develop the taste for certain food and you can never develop it first time say like curd rice, bitter gourd and many more different cuisines like sushi and all. But once you start trying to have it and try the different versions of same dish you would know which version you like more. For me it’s still an ongoing learning process and developing taste for certain food. Fortunately for my sister this is the most happening recipe in my sister’s kitchen because she just loves south Indian food and always ready to experiment different and local cuisines where ever she goes. Her little ones love it too with hot rice and spoon of ghee. Most of the time I ask her whats for meal and she will be like ” I made rasam, puliyohara, lemon rice etc., ” so you can imagine how it is 😀 We being from north, and didn’t have much idea how to make rasam powder at home ( I know there are lots of recipe’s out there on google, she tried making them but they never gave that traditional taste of rasam which normally she got when she used to have at my in laws place or for that matter any brahmin’s marriage you get ). Then once she told amma that she liked the rasam what she made and never got the same taste when she tried. After that whenever possible amma used to make it and send it for her until recently she asked her for recipe out of curiosity because she had tried many google recipe and it never turned out how she wanted and then we thought what else would be the right time to publish it while amma was sharing her years of experience in the kitchen and her stories behind each experiment of recipe’s.

Will share rasam recipe with this rasam powder soon 🙂 until then keep your kitchen pantry ready with this powder.

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