Carrot pickle | Gajar hari mirch ka achar

Everyone loves pickles, so do I. I can specially have it with anything and everything. There are pickles which you can just mix it with hot rice and ghee and have it, few with plain chapati and paratha’s. When I was a kid I was not a big fan of vegetables specially green one. Yeah! I know few of you reading this will be going down the same memory lane. So my mum use to make this carrot Pickle and then sweet and tangy pickle with raw mango’s and then there are some pickles like sweet, spicy and some like tangy. In India you can almost find different types of pickle in every house. The funny thing is since pickle is available in many different version they have specially for kids as well like salted lemon pickle, sweet mango pickle.

I made the same pickle for my family and Mine got over within 4 days so you can imagine how they love it.

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