Muri Mixture | Murmura| Puffed Rice Mixture

Everyone of us are very busy in our day today life but in-spite of everything it feel’s very nice when we take sometime for ourselves and just step back from all the hustle bustle. Everyone has a go to place few may have more than one and few may have just one. My go to place is the beach in our city. We can see lot of people trolling on the side of the beach few exercising, few just lazing around the beach side everyday during morning and evenings along with road side food thela wala’s (street food) with all different kind of snacks and my favorite there is Muri Mixture. Most of them put there stall ‘s in the evening. If you get a chance, I would definitely recommend you visiting. As every city has it own charm so does the city I live “Vishakapatnam”

“Muri mixture is a quick recipe. From the name itself we can say that the Muri (Rice flake) is one of the main ingredient. Muri mixture has differnet names in different places, it’s the most lightest snack you can munch on and you can find it in most of the places in India. Since it’s found in most of the places there is no right or wrong ingredient for muri mixture. So add whatever you feel like from the snacks to spices in your pantry and play with the flavor of your choice and taste. The below recipe is my favorite with the ingredients I like most. I have added regular spices and another spice called jeeravan (it substitutes everything if anything is missing). Anyone from Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra will know this spice as it ‘s very famous there.

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