Eggless Wheat Pancake

Normally, When we think about pancake 🥞 the first thing that comes to the mind is , it’s bit unhealthy because of type of flour which we use in it but, then one day, I came across this episode on TV where in they were making all unhealthy food healthy way especially for kids. Surprisingly that day they were cooking Pancake’s healthier version. As usual me being me ( a mommy) got glued to watch the show till the end, so that I can make it for my kiddo. My kid loves Pancake, and every other day he has to have it for his breakfast 🤷‍♀️ I know all the mommies out there or even non mommies would agree how much we and everyone at home love pancakes 🥞 and every time we have them there is a small guilt feeling because it’s unhealthy to have all purpose flour all the time. So this time when I saw the healthier version and also the recipe which didn’t have eggs to add was like an icing on the cake for me. I noted down the recipe and made small changes here and there. I don’t recall the show name but I would definitely get back to you on the that it was on some food channel and the show was specially dedicated for foods which kids eat. Make it and enjoy with no guilt 🙃


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