Moong Dal Pakoda | Yellow Lentil Fritter

This dish is one among the other which is very close to heart and has many childhood memories attached to it. I believe that everything in our life, we come across like things, people or whatever they hold some kind of significance in our heart be it small or big. Every year during summer vacation we use to visit Nakoda Ji. It’s a small village, where we visit go to get the blessing of Nakoda bherunath. It’s almost 1hour from Jodhpur ( Rajasthan). On the way to temple there is a very famous Pakoda shop in a village name dharwa. As we grew up it became like a tradition. It was a must to have the pakoda’s of there whenever we visited for summer vacation.
Now that we have grown up and busy with everything going around, it’s difficult to visit. The other day when I was looking at old photos I came across one we took there and was missing it. So I decided to give it a try. I could not bring the exact same taste of pakoda’s which they sell but it’s close.

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