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Moong Dal Pakoda | Yellow Lentil Fritter

This dish is one among the other which is very close to heart and has many childhood memories attached to it. I believe that everything in our life, we come across like things, people or whatever they hold some kind of significance in our heart be it small or big. Every year during summer vacation we use to visit Nakoda Ji. It’s a small village, where we visit go to get the blessing of Nakoda bherunath. It’s almost 1hour from Jodhpur ( Rajasthan). On the way to temple there is a very famous Pakoda shop in a village name dharwa. As we grew up it became like a tradition. It was a must to have the pakoda’s of there whenever we visited for summer vacation.
Now that we have grown up and busy with everything going around, it’s difficult to visit. The other day when I was looking at old photos I came across one we took there and was missing it. So I decided to give it a try. I could not bring the exact same taste of pakoda’s which they sell but it’s close.


These are the ingredients required.
Milk, Saffron, salt and wheat dough.
Cook the rice 70% along with whole spices.
In a pan heat the ghee and then add the whole spices, ginger garlic paste.
Now Saute the vegetables and add chilli powder, turmeric
Adding Curd

Now in a pan caramelize the onion with ghee.( I forgot to take the pic, so it’s missing )

Now comes the layering part, First the rice and then the vegetable which you have already saute. along with the caramelized onion, saffron and milk.
Final layer with rice, caramelized onions along with saffron and milk and 2 tbsp of water.
Tadaaahh! The Biryani is ready. Serve it with raita of your choice. 🙂

Detox drink- Apple celery

This recipe was shared by one of my friend, Priya.
I asked her what made her share detox drink recipe she said

“we are all in quarantine now and we can’t go to gym or step out and at home with all the office work and daily chores it gets difficult to exercise as well so I took different detox drink for 5 days and this is one among them.It helped me a lot so when I saw your post I thought let’s share and let’s motivate others as well to keep their health in check. I know with all the work and things most of us neglect our health but I say health is more important than anything else.”
So if you got motivated please share, like and comment and let’s motivate everybody everyone DO SHARE YOUR FAVORITE RECIPE WITH US
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Ginni Appa

Ginni Appa is traditional recipe of Telangana. It has got many name like sarcasm Pindi, Thapala Pindi. It is made from rice flour and ingredients which is added into it are according to the taste. I want to make it healthy so I have added lauki ( bottle gourd ) into it. Normally people don’t add lauki. It’s just rice flour, Chana dal, green chilli, curry leaf and sesame seed. I sometime add carrot too. It completely depend upon you to try and make it healthy. Traditionally it’s made in kadai ( deep frying pan) but nowadays on nonstick top, it comes out easily you know ! on the other one it is tricky if deep frying pan is iron or aluminium you need to be careful because it sticks. I use dosa pan, it’s greased very well so it come out well in few minutes. I have heard from my friends over here that in olden days their grandma used to make it with hand and then put it directly on pan but I make it on parchment paper as I am not expert like them. Try applying oil and then spread it. Kids loves this recipe for breakfast and it can be had just like that.



Thanks! to lock down and my craving for domino’s garlic bread which in turn pushed me to try my hands on this recipe. I didn’t want to experiment because I was 🤤 for garlic bread so I googled and saw lots of recipe but finally I ended up following the recipe from Bharatzkitchen because I felt that was the closest taste I could get of Domino’s Garlic bread. To my surprise once it was ready it tasted as I expected.


Mix Lukewarm water , yeast, sugar , 1/2 cup flour
Leave it aside for 15 mins

Frothy Mixture

Activated yeast after 15 mins ( you will see frothy mixture)

Making of dough

Knead the dough at least for 15-20 minutes. You will see that stickiness is gone and it will become soft dough.

It would look something like this. Grease the bowl with lots of oil and dough too with oil..Cover it with cling wrap and rest it for 24 hours in refrigerator. It would double in size.

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