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Thanks! to lock down and my craving for domino’s garlic bread which in turn pushed me to try my hands on this recipe. I didn’t want to experiment because I was 🤤 for garlic bread so I googled and saw lots of recipe but finally I ended up following the recipe from Bharatzkitchen because I felt that was the closest taste I could get of Domino’s Garlic bread. To my surprise once it was ready it tasted as I expected.


Mix Lukewarm water , yeast, sugar , 1/2 cup flour
Leave it aside for 15 mins

Frothy Mixture

Activated yeast after 15 mins ( you will see frothy mixture)

Making of dough

Knead the dough at least for 15-20 minutes. You will see that stickiness is gone and it will become soft dough.

It would look something like this. Grease the bowl with lots of oil and dough too with oil..Cover it with cling wrap and rest it for 24 hours in refrigerator. It would double in size.


Bajare ki raab |Pearl Millet Savoury Malt

Everyone have heard a lot about millet and how they are rich in calcium, magnesium, vitamins of various types, phosphorus etc., Above all the most important benefit we can get from millet are that they are rich in fiber. Every type of food has certain way in which they are suppose to be consumed / ate, the same applies for millet as well. Normally millet should be eaten in the form of porridge or as rice.

There are different types of millet like sorghum, Foxtail millet, Finger millet, Pearl millet, Barnyard millet, Kodo millet, little millet and Porso millet.

Since these days everyone is very health conscious so the market is flooding with different kind of millet everywhere. I got mine HERE check it out.

Again each millet has it’s own health benefit the most common being rich in fiber. Pearl millet grows majorly in Africa and India. The benefits of pearl millet are that they are gluten free, helps manage diabetes, keeps your heart healthy, packed with omega-3 and many more. Traditionally it’s used as roti, khichadi or porridge in India. It’s really good to have during winter.

Eggless Wheat Pancake

Normally, When we think about pancake 🥞 the first thing that comes to the mind is , it’s bit unhealthy because of type of flour which we use in it but, then one day, I came across this episode on TV where in they were making all unhealthy food healthy way especially for kids. Surprisingly that day they were cooking Pancake’s healthier version. As usual me being me ( a mommy) got glued to watch the show till the end, so that I can make it for my kiddo. My kid loves Pancake, and every other day he has to have it for his breakfast 🤷‍♀️ I know all the mommies out there or even non mommies would agree how much we and everyone at home love pancakes 🥞 and every time we have them there is a small guilt feeling because it’s unhealthy to have all purpose flour all the time. So this time when I saw the healthier version and also the recipe which didn’t have eggs to add was like an icing on the cake for me. I noted down the recipe and made small changes here and there. I don’t recall the show name but I would definitely get back to you on the that it was on some food channel and the show was specially dedicated for foods which kids eat. Make it and enjoy with no guilt 🙃


Muri Mixture | Murmura| Puffed Rice Mixture

Everyone of us are very busy in our day today life but in-spite of everything it feel’s very nice when we take sometime for ourselves and just step back from all the hustle bustle. Everyone has a go to place few may have more than one and few may have just one. My go to place is the beach in our city. We can see lot of people trolling on the side of the beach few exercising, few just lazing around the beach side everyday during morning and evenings along with road side food thela wala’s (street food) with all different kind of snacks and my favorite there is Muri Mixture. Most of them put there stall ‘s in the evening. If you get a chance, I would definitely recommend you visiting. As every city has it own charm so does the city I live “Vishakapatnam”

“Muri mixture is a quick recipe. From the name itself we can say that the Muri (Rice flake) is one of the main ingredient. Muri mixture has differnet names in different places, it’s the most lightest snack you can munch on and you can find it in most of the places in India. Since it’s found in most of the places there is no right or wrong ingredient for muri mixture. So add whatever you feel like from the snacks to spices in your pantry and play with the flavor of your choice and taste. The below recipe is my favorite with the ingredients I like most. I have added regular spices and another spice called jeeravan (it substitutes everything if anything is missing). Anyone from Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra will know this spice as it ‘s very famous there.

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Carrot pickle | Gajar hari mirch ka achar

Everyone loves pickles, so do I. I can specially have it with anything and everything. There are pickles which you can just mix it with hot rice and ghee and have it, few with plain chapati and paratha’s. When I was a kid I was not a big fan of vegetables specially green one. Yeah! I know few of you reading this will be going down the same memory lane. So my mum use to make this carrot Pickle and then sweet and tangy pickle with raw mango’s and then there are some pickles like sweet, spicy and some like tangy. In India you can almost find different types of pickle in every house. The funny thing is since pickle is available in many different version they have specially for kids as well like salted lemon pickle, sweet mango pickle.

I made the same pickle for my family and Mine got over within 4 days so you can imagine how they love it.

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