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Hung Curd Toast


Bread 4-6 slices (without the brown part)

Hung curd  1 cup

Ginger paste 1/2 or 1 tsp

Chopped green chilies 2-3

Besan (gram flour ) 2 Tbsp

Sooji (Semolina) 2 Tbsp

Butter normal one or garlic flavored

Salt & Pepper as per taste


Mix all the above ingredients other than bread and butter in a bowl. Give a quick stir, so that all the flavors blend well in curd. Now take a bread slice and on one-side of the  bread apply the butter and on other side the prepared mixture of curd. Roast both side until its golden brown in color. Now its ready to serve.Serve it hot with ketchup, mint chutney, tea, coffee anything.

Note: you can also add onions if you like. The curd mixture must be tight. So in order to adjust the consistency of the mixture you can add more/less besan ( gram flour ) according to your hung curd.



Quick Sweet Paneer Pops


2 cup homemade Paneer ( cottage cheese)

1 cup sweetened condensed milk

1/2 cup Melted dark chocolate

saffron 3 to 4 (kesar)

Sugar ( if you like too sweet, otherwise its ok if you don’t add )



Heat the pan and add paneer and condensed milk and mix them on low flow flame. stirring continuously,after  6 to 7 mins the mixture would get tight. Now off the flame and let it sit for 5 mins. Now divide the mixture into equal portions and make round balls with each and keep it aside.

Take the melted chocolate in a bowl and now dip the balls into the chocolate in such a way that they are completely covered by chocolate. Now freeze them for about one hour and then serve it.

Other Versions:

You can also top the round balls with kesar and then serve them cold.

Insert the toothpick or skewer in between the balls and then pour the hot chocolate on the top with the help of spoon. Freeze them then serve. Thus making healthy chocolate pop for kids..

Pops can also be stuffed with dry fruits of your choice. For example: cashews, Pista,Raisins..



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